Kahori Hara


Beauty Creator
2012 Joined Shiseido Beauty Salon Co., Ltd.
Assigned to Shiseido Salon and Spa Ginza

I need to provide comprehensive technical instruction for our beauty salon's employees.
As a member in charge of Asia in Shiseido Beauty Salon, I focus on giving seminars in Asian countries. In addition, I have abundant experiences of working as the assitant of Mr. Tadashi Harada and I'm highly reliable. I am in charge of the hairstyling of New York Collection and Tokyo Collection.

2014 NHDK Contest Updo Hairstyle Champion & Journal Award
2015 NHDK Marie Prize Winner & Journal Award
  Shiseido Beauty Salon Technical Contest National Tournament Haircut Journal Award
2016 Admission to Shiseido SABFA Creator Course
2017 Participated in New York Collection Makeup Team
   Graduated from SABFA
  Final Year Project Outstanding Performance Award
  Graduation Contest Outstanding Performance Award
2018 Participated in Tokyo Collection Makeup Team
2021 Participated in Tokyo Collection Makeup Team

I would like to propose a total coordination of hairstyle and makeup to match with the fashion of different person.
Field of Expertise:Makeup and Hair Color

Make up Expert:Additional 20% charges will be applied on top of the menu selected.